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ALPHA FINANCE offers its clients a state of the art electronic platform of transaction possibilities using investment tools approved by market professionals.

Full market appraisals, index and share prices, graphs, basic indicators, fundamentals, research, a wide range of market, financial, and business section news reports, current events and press reviews become powerful tools which enable you to fully asseess your investment options.

The ALPHA WEB TRADING service is able, via
ALPHA FINANCE’s web page, to process the client’s orders and provide full portfolio management, completing transactions either by cash deposit or margin financing.

Having prices available in real time makes it possible for clients to transmit buy and sell orders promptly and easily. 

The ALPHA WEB TRADING service can transmit the following types of order:

  • Limit order: This is an order to be executed only during the session and only at the specified or a better price.
  • Market Order: This is a buy or sell order to be executed immediately at the current best market price as soon as it is entered in the electronic transaction system of the stock exchange.
  • At Open Order: This is a buy or sell order to be executed immediately at the start of the trading session, at the opening price of the share.
  • At Close Order: This is a buy or sell order to be executed after the end of the trading session at the closing price of the share.

ALPHA FINANCE, using the online connection to the bank account which the client maintains with Alpha Bank, allows the client to make use of available liquidity whenever desired. All money handling actions required to complete buys or which result from sales are automatically processed without any further cost to the client.  

All that is required in order to enter a buy order,  is that the amount of the order can be covered by the remaining funds held in the client’s Alpha Bank account, adjusted to include the net value of any outstanding unsettled buy or sell transactions.

Sell orders may be entered only for shares in the ALPHA FINANCE client’s portfolio for a number not exceeding the available quantity, including any outstanding unsettled buy or sell transactions already executed.

All orders registered by the client can have their progress monitored, allowing the client to intervene if market conditions so require (adjustments or cancellations of orders).   

Opening an account with ALPHATRADE permits access to the full range of online services offered, and at the same time allows the client to take advantage of the competitively priced online transactions.