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Additional Password Services

Exploit the possibilities of ALPHA WEB TRADING and ALPHA MOBILE TRADING services!
Upon your request, you are able to increase the security level in your transactions using the "Additional Password Services"
, in order to:

Buy and sell stocks in the Athens Exchange and Cyprus Stock Exchange

To participate in Share Capital Increase without being necessary to visit an Alpha Bank branch

…and all these with the maximum possible security that Alpha Finance’s systems
and the use of the “Additional Password Device” offer you

Activation of the "Additional Password Services"

In order to be able to use the “Additional Password Services”, simply submit an application via ALPHA WEB TRADING (select “Application”, from menu “My profile” – “Additional Password Services”), via Customer Services of Alpha Finance or any Alpha Bank’s branch. After the telephone verification of your application, we will send you the “Additional Password Device”. As soon as you receive it, you can activate the new services (select “Services’ activation”).
In order to be informed about the cost of these services press
For further information about the execution of the ALPHA WEB TRADING transactions that allows you to handle the “Additional Password Services” (application, services’ activation/deactivation, temporary device inactivation, and device synchronization) press

The device and the Additional Password use


The device (security token) combines high security with convenience on executing your electronic transactions. It is small (6cm long), light and has a long life span (its battery lasts for up to 3 years).
After its activation, the device is uniquely associated with your customer code.

Each time that you press its button a one-time password (“Additional Password”) is produced based on a complex algorithm. This number appears and remains displayed on the device's screen for 30 seconds, giving you enough time to fill it in the “Additional Password” field in the login page. You will be using the “Additional Password” to log in ALPHA WEB TRADING and ALPHA MOBILE TRADING in order to have full access in all transactions (Buy/Sell etc) of both services. Alpha Finance system verifies each time the “Additional Password” and thus authenticates, during the execution of each transaction that it derives from you, the owner of the specific device.

To assure the normal operation of your device and services:

Avoid pressing the device’s button if you do not intend to use the Additional Password, as your device might be “desynchronised”

Do not try to open the device because its password-producing mechanism will be destroyed (the device’s battery is not replacable).


Using ALPHA WEB TRADING and ALPHA MOBILE TRADING without the Additional Password Device

You can log in ALPHA WEB TRADING and ALPHA MOBILE TRADING by filling-in only “User ID” and “Password”. In this case, you will have access only in informative views of ALPHA WEB TRADING.

Additional Password Devise loss

In case you lose your device, you can deactivate the use of the “Additional Password Services” via ALPHA WEB TRADING and, if you wish, submit a new application (you will be charged with replacement cost).

The security of your transactions depends also on YOU

A third person cannot execute transactions using your device, unless he/she also knows your “User ID” and “Password”. To avoid this:

Memorise your ALPHATRADE security codes and do not keep them attached to your device

Shield your computer with security software (Firewall, Antivirus, Antispyware)