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Settlement and Custody Services

Within the framework of its comprehensive brokerage services, ALPHA FINANCE also provides clearing and settlement services, as well as making safekeeping and custody arrangements for the full range of stock and share products available (including shares quoted on the Athens and Cyprus Stock Exchange, Athens Exchange derivatives, as well as shares and derivatives listed on international stock exchanges).


Settlement Services


ALPHA FINANCE, using the online connection to the bank account which the client maintains with Alpha Bank, automates the service to settle transactions speedily and securely, in both Greek and international markets.


For buy transactions, the requisite monetary amount is attached from the bank account and withdrawn to meet obligations on the day of settlement, so that the client does not incur extraneous losses from credit interest payments.


For sell transactions, the receipts from sales are automatically deposited in the linked bank account belonging to the client on the day on which the transactions are cleared and settled.


Custody Services


ALPHA FINANCE provides comprehensive custody services for the full client portfolio, covering Greek and international share and derivatives markets. The custody services include:

  • Custody of securities
  • Participation in corporate actions such as :
    • Increases in share capital through rights issue
    • Collection of dividends with automatic crediting of client’s bank accounts
    • Receipt of shares derived from share capital increases through rights issue or distribution of bonus shares
    • Blocking of shares for participation in General Meetings
  • Monthly issue by post of a detailed account statement showing analytical details regarding the total portfolio (share and money transactions).