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Derivatives on the Athens Exchange

ALPHA FINANCE is a member of the derivatives market of the Athens Exchange as well as a member of the Athex Clear (AC).

The Derivatives Sales Department and the Derivatives Clearing Department are staffed by professionally trained specialists accredited by the Greek Capital Market Commission.

ALPHA FINANCE places special importance on the maximisation of the advantages offered by derivatives in the formation of investment strategies. The emphasis is on the protection of the investor’s interests as well as providing instant execution and settlement of transactions. Our company also provides information services which act as a basis for the formulation of strategies to offset the risk of your portfolio (hedging strategies) or to achieve profit by exploiting arbitrage opportunities.

With the assistance of ALPHA FINANCE’s specialists, clients may trade in the derivatives market of the Athens Exchange in:

  • Index and Stock Futures
  • Index and Stock Options
  • Stock Repo and Reverse Repo Agreements

For derivatives transactions we provide fully comprehensive Settlement and Custody Services.

For further information please contact the Customer Services through telephone at (+30) 210 370 5700 or through email at