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Shares on the Athens and Cyprus Stock Exchange

ALPHA FINANCE, a member of both the Athens and the Cyprus Stock Exchanges, is ranked among the top brokerage companies in Greece on the basis of its market share.

Its specialised personnel, together with the Company’s commitment to adopt the latest technological changes, ensure the high quality of the services rendered to both retail and institutional clients.

Retail clients are able to carry out secure transactions on the Athens Exchange and the Cyprus Stock Exchange either via the electronic platform of ALPHA FINANCE (ALPHATRADE), or through the nearest Branch of Alpha Bank.

The Company’s web site provides access to the latest financial information, through financial analysis of individual company performance, market data, as well as a wide range of financial and business news reports from reliable sources, utilising services to a standard expected by institutional investors and market professionals.

In order to achieve the fastest possible clearing of client transactions ALPHA FINANCE uses the online connection to the client’s account with Alpha Bank, through which all necessary fund transfers required to execute stock market transactions are automatically processed. Accordingly, clients may easily make use of their available funds to buy shares on the Athens or the Cyprus Stock Exchanges whenever they wish.

Domestic and international Professional Clients are served by specialised and experienced executives, who ensure that the requisite speed and precision in the execution of transactions is maintained. Electronic transmission of orders is made available. Professional Clients receive daily reports on macroeconomic and company developments, enjoying the continuous support of the Research Department of ALPHA FINANCE.

ALPHA FINANCE organises company presentations both in Greece and overseas, enabling the maximization of information available to institutional clients.

For transactions on the Athens and Cyprus Stock Exchanges comprehensive Settlement, Safekeeping and Custody Services are provided.